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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
3298RUTACEAE Esenbeckia alataWoodVenezuelaWood
3299RUTACEAE Esenbeckia attenuataWoodTrinidad and TobagoWoodInter. Exhib. 1862
3301RUTACEAE Esenbeckia febrifugaWoodWoodBritish Museum (Natural History)
20412RUTACEAE Esenbeckia hieronymiWoodBrazilWoodReitz
20413RUTACEAE Esenbeckia grandifloraWoodBrazilWoodReitz
63811RUTACEAE Esenbeckia spLeavesBrazilLeavesWilson Holgate & Co, London
63947RUTACEAE Esenbeckia pilocarpoidesWalking stickTrinidad and TobagoWalking stickInter Exhib 1862
64053RUTACEAE Esenbeckia cymosaBarkBarkPharm Soc GB
64055RUTACEAE Esenbeckia spBarkBarkPharm Soc GB
64130RUTACEAE Esenbeckia spBarkBrazilBarkPharm Soc GB

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