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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
8410ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaWoodRwandaWoodBridson DM Project Pilote ForestierBridson D
8412 ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaWoodWoodSharpe Sir Alfred
57152ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaMale flowersEthiopiaMale flowersNuskine E
57153ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaSavory & Moore
57154ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaBarkEthiopiaBarkMeyer FG
57158ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaEthiopiaBuchanan TJ
57159ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaPortion of stemTanzaniaPortion of stemVolkens G
57160 ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaPortion of plantKenyaPortion of plantChemist & Druggist
57751 ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaFlowersFlowersPharm Soc GB
58241 ROSACEAE Hagenia abyssinicaFlowersFlowersPharm Soc GB

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