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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
559CAPPARACEAE Cleome anomalaWoodEcuadorWoodHerb. KewIltis H, Iltis MG
560CAPPARACEAE Cleome glandulosaWoodPeruWoodBritish Museum (Natural History)Iltis HH, Iltis CM, Ugent D, Ugent V
38518CAPPARACEAE Cleome glandulosaWoodPeruWoodIltis HH, Iltis CM, Ugent D, Ugent V
38519CAPPARACEAE Cleome anomalaWoodEcuadorWoodIltis HH, Iltis CM
38521CAPPARACEAE Cleome glandulosaWoodPeruWoodIltis HH & CM, Ugent D & V
67180CAPPARACEAE Cleome viscosaSeedsIndiaSeedsGovernment Central Museum, MadrasHRH The Prince of Wales
67181CAPPARACEAE Cleome viscosaSeedsIndiaSeedsIndia Museum
67182CAPPARACEAE Cleome viscosaStemsIndiaStemsIndia Museum
67215CAPPARACEAE Cleome viscosaSeedsIndiaSeedsPharm Soc GB
67389CAPPARACEAE Cleome burmanniHerb (Beetle infestation)BurmaHerb (Beetle infestation)Pharm Soc GBYi Yi Dr and Aye Kyi Dr (Through)

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