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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
42883MORACEAE Broussonetia sp.Souvenir fan made of leavesPitcairnSouvenir fan made of leaves
42955MORACEAE Broussonetia papyriferaTapa Cloth from barkPitcairnTapa Cloth from barkStewart PeggyMarshall Lieut RN
42960MORACEAE Broussonetia sp.Tapa clothPitcairnTapa clothHeywood MrsJenken Jones Captain (HMS Curacoa)
55531 MYRTACEAE Metrosideros villosaVase of RataPitcairnVase of RataNorman E
99506FAMILY UNKNOWN Stone fish hookPitcairnStone fish hookEdwards, J HMcCoy, J D
100452MALVACEAE Hibiscus tilaceusWoodPitcairnWoodCrow, Richard
100621PODOCARPACEAE Prumnopitys ferrugineaWoodPitcairnWoodCrow, Richard

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