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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
28209PINACEAE Pinus palustrisLeavesLeavesParis Exhib. 1889
28213PINACEAE Implement used in collecting turpentineUnited StatesImplement used in collecting turpentineBaird Prof., US Nat. Mus.
31495MELIACEAE Carapa guianensisWoodGuyanaWoodInter Exhib
33213POACEAE Stipa InflorescencePakistanInflorescenceAitchison Dr JET
33226POACEAE Stipa pennataAitchison Surgeon Major JET
33901POACEAE Zea maysViolet Powder (Unscented)Violet Powder (Unscented)Brown & Polson
33944POACEAE Hindoo Scoop (Bamboo ?)IndiaHindoo Scoop (Bamboo ?)Wright Dr
34212CYPERACEAE Carex nubigenaIndiaAitchison Dr JET CIE
34404CYPERACEAE Scirpus lacustrisProtective Cuffs of RushesProtective Cuffs of RushesDyer Mrs T
34609 CYCLANTHACEAE Asplundia insignisBush rope ("Mamur")GuyanaBush rope ("Mamur")Guyana Forest Dept

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