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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
16001EUPHORBIACEAE Manihot glazioviiWoodIndiaWoodProudlock RL
24913EUPHORBIACEAE Euphorbia intisyWoodMadagascarWoodMoody Stuart Geo.
42829MORACEAE Artocarpus integraLatex from Jack TreeSri LankaLatex from Jack TreeCeylon Assoc
42981MORACEAE Castilla elasticaWest Indian RubberWest Indian RubberHecht, Levis & Kahn
42982MORACEAE Castilla elasticaSheet RubberIndonesiaSheet RubberGow, Wilson & Stanton Ltd
42983MORACEAE Castilla elasticsResinBelizeResin
42984MORACEAE Castilla elasticaRubberIndiaRubberHaddon J & Co
42985MORACEAE Castilla elasticaRubberSri LankaRubberBotanic Garden Henaratgoda
42986MORACEAE Castilla elasticaRubberIndiaRubberProudlock RL
42987MORACEAE Castilla elasticaMexican RubberMexicoMexican RubberLewis & Peat, 6 Mincing Lane, London E.C.

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