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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
23574LAURACEAE Lindera sericeaWoodJapanWoodVeitch JH
23575LAURACEAE Lindera sericeaWoodJapanWoodVeitch JH
23576LAURACEAE Lindera sericeaWoodJapanWoodVeitch JH
29474 ZINGIBERACEAE Boesenbergia rotundaRhizomesIndonesiaRhizomesTreub Dr
34090 POACEAE Cymbopogon citratusGrisse & Lubin
34326CYPERACEAE Cyperus rotundusTubersIndiaTubersIndia Museum
40907 MAGNOLIACEAE Magnolia virginianaBarkUnited StatesBarkProcter Prof W
42382BETULACEAE Betula albaBirch Bark OilBirch Bark OilGreenish T
46083LABIATAE Micromeria obovataEssential Oil of Mountain ThymeJamaicaEssential Oil of Mountain ThymeCol & Ind Exhib 1886
46084LABIATAE Mentha pulegiumEnglish Oil of PennyroyalUnited KingdomEnglish Oil of Pennyroyal

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