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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
41519FAGACEAE Fagus sylvaticaBeech wood flourBeech wood flourHolland HT, Borough Polytechnic
41522FAGACEAE Fagus sylvaticaBeechwood flourBeechwood flourDahl WS
41526FAGACEAE Fagus sylvaticaCigarette box of plastic from wood flourCigarette box of plastic from wood flourHolland HT
41697FAGACEAE Quercus roburOak Wood FlourUnited KingdomOak Wood FlourDahl WS
42660JUGLANDACEAE Juglans regiaWalnut Shell PowderUnited StatesWalnut Shell PowderDahl WS
57243ROSACEAE Prunus amygdalusAlmond shell powderFranceAlmond shell powderDahl WS
62089ANACARDIACEAE Anacardium occidentaleCashew nut shell oilCashew nut shell oilDahl WS
64564LINACEAE Linum usitatissimumGround flax shivesGround flax shivesDahl WS
90925POACEAE Zea maysIngeo fibres (natural plastic)Ingeo fibres (natural plastic)Handweavers StudioHandweavers Studio

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