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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
40650 IRIDACEAE Crocus sativusSaffronIndiaSaffronIndia Museum
45744POLYGONACEAE Polygonum tinctoriumIndigoIndigoImperial College of Agric. Tokio
45746POLYGONACEAE Polygonum tinctoriumIndigoIndigoImperial College of Agriculture, Tokyo
45747POLYGONACEAE Polygonum tinctoriumIndigoJapanIndigoKinch E
45753POLYGONACEAE Polygonum tinctoriumCakes of indigoCakes of indigoImperial College of Agric. Tokio
45757POLYGONACEAE Polygonum tinctoriumEntire plantJapanEntire plantJapan British Exhibition 1910
54451DATISCACEAE Datisca cannabinaRootsIndiaRootsParis Exhibition 1900
75795RHIZOPHORACEAE Ceriops candolleanaBark chipsIndiaBark chipsLeather Conservation CentreProcter Prof HR
75796FAGACEAE Quercus spGall nutsJapanGall nutsLeather Conservation CentreProcter Prof HR
75797VITACEAE Vitis viniferaLeavesLeavesLeather Conservation CentreProcter Prof HR

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