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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
44987PROTEACEAE Banksia marginataAcetic AcidAustraliaAcetic AcidInternational Exhibition, Victorian Commissioners
73918POACEAE Zea maysBiroUnited KingdomBiroOliver N
77090 RUBIACEAE Psychotria ipecacuanhaCephaeline hydrochlorideCephaeline hydrochloridePharm Soc GB
77812RUTACEAE Citrus bergamiaBergapteneBergaptenePharm Soc GB
77813 PRIMULACEAE Cyclamen purpurascensCyclaminumCyclaminumPharm Soc GB
77814FAMILY UNKNOWN Berberine sulphateBerberine sulphatePharm Soc GB
77815FAMILY UNKNOWN Chrysophanic acidChrysophanic acidPharm Soc GB
77816FAMILY UNKNOWN Chrysophanic acidChrysophanic acidPharm Soc GB
77817FAMILY UNKNOWN Chrysammic acidChrysammic acidPharm Soc GB
77818ALOACEAE Aloe spChrysammic acidChrysammic acidPharm Soc GB

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