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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
47455 LABIATAE Stachys officinalisPharm Soc GB
47552VERBENACEAE Vitex trifoliaFruitsFruitsPharm Soc GB
47775LABIATAE Hyptis suaveolensHerbMalaysiaHerbPharm Soc GB
51897COMPOSITAE Cotula aureaInflorescenceSpainInflorescencePharm Soc GB
51913COMPOSITAE Crossostephium artemisioidesLeavesChinaLeavesPharm Soc GB
52165COMPOSITAE Achillea sibericaRootChinaRootPharm Soc GB
55196NONE Claviceps purpureaErgotamine CompoundErgotamine CompoundWellcome Museum of Medical Science
55843UMBELLIFERAE Ligusticum pansilHerbChileHerbPharm Soc GB
57694ROSACEAE Prunus sp.Almond kernelsMalaysiaAlmond kernelsPharm Soc GB
64834 TILIACEAE Microcos paniculataMedical tea of various speciesChinaMedical tea of various speciesMuseum staff RBG Kew (purchased by)

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