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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29483ZINGIBERACEAE Zingiber cassumunarRhizomeIndiaRhizomeCol & Ind Exhib
37159ZINGIBERACEAE Zingiber macrostachyumRhizomeIndiaRhizomePharm Soc GB
42193MYRICACEAE Myrica nagiBarkIndiaBarkPharm Soc GB
47914SCROPHULARIACEAE Verbascum thapsusPortion of plantUnited KingdomPortion of plantButler, McCulloch & Co, Wholesale Herbalists
48914BORAGINACEAE Eritrichium gnaphaloidesHerbChileHerbPharm Soc GB
51498COMPOSITAE Eclipta erectaPlantBrazilPlantPortella Dr
51507COMPOSITAE Elytropappus rhinocerotisTops of branchesSouth AfricaTops of branchesParis Exhibition 1855
51982COMPOSITAE Eclipta erectaHerbBrazilHerbPharm Soc GB
52092EBENACEAE Diospyros virginianaFruitUnited StatesFruitPharm Soc GB
53078 COMPOSITAE Haplopappus baylahuenPortion of plantChilePortion of plantPharm Soc GB

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