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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
10310MELASTOMATACEAE Melastoma spWoodMexicoWoodFinck Hugo
35153 PALMAE Brahea serrulataFruitUnited StatesFruitPharm Soc GB
35822PALMAE Lodoicea spCough MixtureMalaysiaCough Mixture
37087AMARYLLIDACEAE Haemanthus natalensisBulbSouth AfricaBulbPharm Soc GB
37094COSTACEAE Costus aferStemStemPharm Soc GB
42193MYRICACEAE Myrica nagiBarkIndiaBarkPharm Soc GB
45024PROTEACEAE Protea melliferaHoneySouth AfricaHoney
45025PROTEACEAE Protea melliferaSouth AfricaCol & Ind Exhib
46009LABIATAE Clinopodium spSeedsIranSeedsHull University Expedition to Bijar
47903SCROPHULARIACEAE Scoparia dulcisPortion of PlantNigeriaPortion of PlantFagan Dr

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