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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
34988PALMAE Areca catechuToothpasteToothpaste
68975CYPERACEAE Cyperus rotundusTubers - PERSIAN DRUGSIranTubers - PERSIAN DRUGS
69758NONE Chondrus crispusHerbal toothpaste with CarrageenanHerbal toothpaste with CarrageenanBlackmores Ltd
73884RHAMNACEAE Ziziphus joazeiroToothpasteBrazilToothpasteHarley R
99542 ALOACEAE Aloe veraAloeVera AloeDent toothpasteUnited KingdomAloeVera AloeDent toothpasteGrace, OlwenReynolds, Tom
99543 ALOACEAE Aloe veraOptima AloeDent Sensitive aloe vera toothpasteUnited KingdomOptima AloeDent Sensitive aloe vera toothpasteGrace, OlwenReynolds, Tom
99544 ALOACEAE Aloe veraOptima AloeDent Cool strawberry children's toothpasteUnited KingdomOptima AloeDent Cool strawberry children's toothpasteGrace, OlwenReynolds, Tom

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