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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
34417CYPERACEAE Cyperus scariosusRootMalaysiaRootPharm Soc GB
35678PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaPoudre d'amande d'afriquePoudre d'amande d'afriquePerchat Madame
35699PALMAE Hyphaene thebaicaPowered Doum NutPowered Doum NutMadame J Perchat, Paris
42193MYRICACEAE Myrica nagiBarkIndiaBarkPharm Soc GB
43865EUPHORBIACEAE Colliguaja odoriferaFruits, Leaves and StemChileFruits, Leaves and StemColonial & Indian Exhib
50298SALVADORACEAE Azima barlerioidesRoot & BranchSouth AfricaRoot & BranchBowker JH
61978ANACARDIACEAE Pistacia lentiscusGum / ResinGreeceGum / ResinHanbury D
69030LYTHRACEAE Punica granatumFlowers - PERSIAN DRUGSIranFlowers - PERSIAN DRUGS
69040POLYGONACEAE Rumex conglomeratusFruits - PERSIAN DRUGSIranFruits - PERSIAN DRUGS
69450PRIMULACEAE Lysimachia foenum-graecumPlant - CHINESE DRUGSChinaPlant - CHINESE DRUGS

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