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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
46287VERBENACEAE Lantana camaraFruitsIndonesiaFruitsEvans & Sons & Co
47456LABIATAE Prunella vulgarisFlowersFlowersPharm Soc GB
47485LAURACEAE Cassytha filiformisStemIndiaStemPharm Soc GB
47552VERBENACEAE Vitex trifoliaFruitsFruitsPharm Soc GB
47879SCROPHULARIACEAE Euphrasia officinalisPlantsUnited KingdomPlantsButler, McCulloch & Co, Wholesale Herbalists
49431BUDDLEJACEAE Buddleja officinalisFruitChinaFruitPharm Soc GB
50666OLEACEAE Fraxinus spSeedsSeedsPharm Soc GB
55201SOLANACEAE Hyoscyamus spTablets and eye dropsTablets and eye drops
55788ARALIACEAE Aralia spRootAfghanistanRootPharm Soc GB
56870RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora spBarkAustraliaBarkThe Steel Co Manchester

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