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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
31263 TAXODIACEAE Cunninghamia lanceolataLignumChinaLignumPharm Soc GB
40133MELIACEAE Azadirachta indicaLeavesIndiaLeavesDr John E White
42238EUPHORBIACEAE Mallotus philippensisKamala (Powder)IndiaKamala (Powder)Pharm Soc GBHanbury Collection
45428 MYRISTICACEAE Myristica otobaSeedsColombiaSeedsDawe MT
46051LABIATAE Leonotis leonurusSouth AfricaParis Exhib 1855
46382ACANTHACEAE Rhinacanthus communisRootsThailandRootsMurray JT
46389 ACANTHACEAE Rhinacanthus communisRootRootArcher TC
47751 LABIATAE Leonurus japonicusSeedsSeedsPharm Soc GB
47763LABIATAE Leonotis leonurusFlowersSouth AfricaFlowersPharm Soc GB
49192LOGANIACEAE Strychnos ignatiiSeedsSeedsPharm Soc GB

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