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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
4438MELIACEAE Trichilia glandulosumWoodAustraliaWoodParis Exhib.
4505 PTAEROXYLACEAE Ptaeroxylon obliquumWoodSouth AfricaWoodInternational Exhibitiion 1862
19081 CUPRESSACEAE Callitris hugeliiWoodAustraliaWoodForestry Comm. of NSW, Div. Wood Technology
66190DIPTEROCARPACEAE Dryobalanops aromaticaCamphor (Resin)IndonesiaCamphor (Resin)Pharm Soc GBHoward SL
68868FAMILY UNKNOWN RootsGambiaRootsLlewelyn RB
68975CYPERACEAE Cyperus rotundusTubers - PERSIAN DRUGSIranTubers - PERSIAN DRUGS
73106CUCURBITACEAE Citrullus colocynthisFruits and seedSudanFruits and seedBristow SC
73492CELASTRACEAE Elaeodendron buchananiiWoodKenyaWoodMalindi Handicraft Co op LtdMorley J, Davis S
73863PRIMULACEAE Lysimachia foenum-graecumHerbChinaHerbCribb P
99389MYRTACEAE Eucalyptus globulusEucalyptus essential oilPortugalEucalyptus essential oilWalker, KimFernando Botelho

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