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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
27109 GNETACEAE Gnetum scandensStems from which string is prepared.IndiaStems from which string is prepared.Vaux P
28199PINACEAE Pinus palustrisPine wool from leavesUnited StatesPine wool from leavesSargent Prof CS
28707CUPRESSACEAE Chamaecyparis obtusaMat made from shavingsJapanMat made from shavingsVeitch JH
28709CUPRESSACEAE Chamaecyparis obtusaMat made from wood shavingsJapanMat made from wood shavingsJapan-British Exhib. 1910
30016PHORMIACEAE Phormium tenaxNative dyed FlaxNew ZealandNative dyed FlaxRoyal Comm Great Exhib 1851
30055AGAVACEAE Yucca gloriosaFibreIndiaFibreIndia Museum
30067 VELLOZIACEAE Xerophyta equisetoidesBeaten fibreSouth AfricaBeaten fibreDivision of Botany
30068 VELLOZIACEAE Xerophyta equisetoidesBeaten fibreSouth AfricaBeaten fibre
30971NONE Polytrichum communeBasket from hair mossUnited KingdomBasket from hair mossTrevelyan Sir WC
31696 POACEAE Ammophila arenariaMatUnited KingdomMatBerkeley Rev MJ

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