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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
28856CUPRESSACEAE Thuja plicataCordage made of the rootbarkCanadaCordage made of the rootbarkNewcombe Dr CF
29572 MUSACEAE Musa paradisiacaFibre and cordageIndiaFibre and cordageProudlock RL
29579MUSACEAE Musa paradisiacaTwine made from PlantainIndiaTwine made from PlantainIndia Museum
29592MUSACEAE Musa sapientumCord made from plantain fibreIndiaCord made from plantain fibreHunter Dr
29636MUSACEAE Musa spTwinePapua New GuineaTwineWaterhouse JHL
29683BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusTwine from Pineapple fibreIndiaTwine from Pineapple fibreIndia Museum
29701 BROMELIACEAE Bromelia magdalenaePita string and fibreColombiaPita string and fibrePitales Ltd
29738BROMELIACEAE Neoglaziovia variegataFibre & twineBrazilFibre & twineEdwards S, Royal Cole Inst
29768IRIDACEAE Iris ensataLeaves and twineIndiaLeaves and twineAitchison Dr
33268POACEAE Stipa tenacissimaStiffening for PetticoatsSpainStiffening for PetticoatsPrior Dr Alexander

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