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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
15331THYMELAEACEAE Edgeworthia gardneriWoodIndiaWood
16251URTICACEAE Laportea photiniphyllaWoodAustraliaWoodPhil. Exhib. 1876
27103GNETACEAE Gnetum gnemonFibreIndonesiaFibreMaiden JH
27108GNETACEAE Gnetum scandensFibreIndiaFibreCol. & Ind. Exhib., 1886
27877PINACEAE Pinus caribaeaFibreBahamasFibreHis Grace the Duke of Newcastle
28843 CUPRESSACEAE Thuja plicataFibresCanadaFibresRoberts G
28849 CUPRESSACEAE Thuja plicataCordage made of bark of rootCanadaCordage made of bark of rootNewcombe Dr CF
28859 CUPRESSACEAE Thuja plicataInner barkCanadaInner barkNewcombe Dr CF
29164ZAMIACEAE Macrozamia spiralisFibreMauritiusFibreDespeissis JA
29216ORCHIDACEAE Cyrtopodium andersoniiFibreGuyanaFibre

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