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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
809FLACOURTIACEAE Scolopia eckloniiWoodSouth AfricaWoodWodehouse Governor
1816DIPTEROCARPACEAE Hopea odorataWoodIndiaWoodBarwell Genl. Indian For. Dept.
3120HUMIRIACEAE Humiria floribundaWoodGuyanaWoodBrit. Empire Exhib. Timbers of Brit.GuianaHay Dr A
3466RUTACEAE Zanthoxylum capenseWoodSouth AfricaWoodWodehouse Governor
3824BURSERACEAE Protium spWoodMexicoWoodFinck Hugo
4309MELIACEAE Owenia venosaWoodAustraliaWoodInternational Exhib.
4489 MELIACEAE Xylocarpus moluccensisWoodWoodIndian For. Dept.Richardson
4642AQUIFOLIACEAE Ilex cuneifoliaWoodDominicaWoodInter. Exhib. 1862
4721CELASTRACEAE Celastrus acuminatusWoodSouth AfricaWoodWodehouse Governor
5842ANACARDIACEAE Odina wodierWoodBurmaWoodIndian For. Dept.

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