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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
3267RUTACEAE Citrus aurantiumWoodItalyWoodParis Exhib.
3500RUTACEAE Zanthoxylum martinicenseWoodJamaicaWoodParis Exhib.
4896CELASTRACEAE Siphonodon australisWoodAustraliaWoodG Sandwith, Commercial Bank, Sydney
5904ANACARDIACEAE Rhus cotinusWoodIndiaWoodIndian Forest DepartmentGamble
7116LEGUMINOSAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE Copaifera pubifloraWoodGuyanaWoodBritish Empire Exhib. 1924
7416LEGUMINOSAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE Peltogyne porphyrocardiaWoodTrinidad and TobagoWoodConser. Forests.
7699LEGUMINOSAE-MIMOSOIDEAE Acacia melanoxylonWoodAustraliaWoodDiv. of Wood Technology, Forestry Comm.NSW
12315EBENACEAE Diospyros ebenumWoodIndiaWoodIndian Forest Dept.
13068APOCYNACEAE Holarrhena mitisWoodSri LankaWoodInternational Exhibition 1862
16670MORACEAE Chlorophora tinctoriaWoodGuyanaWoodCol. & Ind. Exhib. 1886

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