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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
7304LEGUMINOSAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE Hardwickia binataWoodIndiaWoodIndian Forest Department
7305LEGUMINOSAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE Hardwickia binataWoodIndiaWoodIndian Forest Department
10080MYRTACEAE Syncarpia laurifoliaWoodAustraliaWoodFor. Comm. NSW
23652LAURACEAE Nectandra rodiaeiWoodGuyanaWoodBrit. Emp. Exhib. 1922
25067PINACEAE Pinus sylvestrisWoodWood
25611 LEGUMINOSAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE Mora excelsaWoodGuyanaWoodEmpire Timber Exhib.
31384MYRTACEAE Eucalyptus globulusWoodAustraliaWoodInter Exhib 1862
31420BETULACEAE Alnus glutinosaWoodUnited KingdomWoodDerby Earl of

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