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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
297ANNONACEAE Duguetia quitarensisWoodGuyanaWoodBoughton
537CAPPARACEAE Capparis nobilisWoodAustraliaWoodPhil. Exhib.
16281ULMACEAE Celtis australisWoodIndiaWoodIndian Forest Dept.
17057JUGLANDACEAE Carya albaWoodCanadaWoodBM (Nat Hist)
19378 PODOCARPACEAE Phyllocladus rhomboidalisWoodAustraliaWoodDenison Sir W
34539ARACEAE Heteropsis spAerial RootGuyanaAerial RootJenman GS
36869DRACAENACEAE Sansevieria zeylanicaCingalese whip from fibreSri LankaCingalese whip from fibreThwaites GHK
38709NONE Lessonia spTwisted whipTwisted whip
38996NONE Ecklonia buccinalisArticles made of EckloniaArticles made of EckloniaGhislin T
43513ULMACEAE Celtis australisPerpignans or whip handlesFrancePerpignans or whip handlesEarl Dugie

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