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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
31983POACEAE Guadua Arrow headGuyanaArrow headim-Thurn EF
34088POACEAE Saccharum arundinaceumArrowsIndiaArrowsHooker Sir JD
35058 PALMAE Arenga undulatifoliaBlow Pipe Darts and Case POISONBlow Pipe Darts and Case POISONGiles CJ (Mr & Mrs)
35161 PALMAE Jessenia batauaQuiver with POISON arrows.BrazilQuiver with POISON arrows.Spruce, RichardSpruce, Richard
35235PALMAE Poison Arrow CasePoison Arrow CaseBurkill IH
35776 PALMAE Oenocarpus batauaPOISONED ArrowsBrazilPOISONED ArrowsSpruce, RichardSpruce, Richard
37399POACEAE Cephalostachyum capitatumStems of "Gobia"IndiaStems of "Gobia"Indian Forest Dept
38638POACEAE Gynerium ArrowsBrazilArrowsSpruce, RichardSpruce, Richard
38648 POACEAE Gynerium sagittatumPoisoned ArrowsColombiaPoisoned ArrowsSpruce RSpruce R
38663POACEAE Arundo donaxArrowAfghanistanArrowAitchison Dr

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