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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
38785NONE Durvillea utilisPortions of the frondPortions of the frond
73524SALICACEAE Salix triandraPutcher - Fish trapUnited KingdomPutcher - Fish trapHuby DPrendergast H, Rumball N
73566 PALMAE Eremospatha macrocarpaFish trap - cray fishCameroonFish trap - cray fishNkemngong BRumball N
73646SALICACEAE Salix triandraTwigs with leavesUnited KingdomTwigs with leavesPrendergast H
76008PALMAE Laccosperma secundiflorumBakundu fish trapCameroonBakundu fish trapSunderland TSunderland T
76010 PALMAE Laccosperma secundiflorumFish trapCameroonFish trapSunderland TSunderland T
76013 PALMAE Laccosperma secundiflorumCrevette trapCameroonCrevette trapSunderland TSunderland T
76014PALMAE Eremospatha macrocarpaCrevette trapEquatorial GuineaCrevette trapSunderland TSunderland T
79195POACEAE Fish trapNigeriaFish trapNigel HepperNigel Hepper
79231PALMAE Phoenix dactyliferaFish trapBahrainFish trapMark NesbittNesbitt M

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