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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29405ZINGIBERACEAE Curcuma purpurascensStarch from rootsMalaysiaStarch from rootsMottey J
41747FAGACEAE Quercus sppOak MannaIraqOak MannaSimonian Prof VH
41748FAGACEAE Quercus spShirkist or MannaIranShirkist or MannaIndia Museum
46449 PEDALIACEAE Sesamum indicumSeeds prepared for confectionarySeeds prepared for confectionaryIndia Museum
46450 PEDALIACEAE Sesamum indicumSeedsSeedsIndia Museum
46451 PEDALIACEAE Sesamum indicumSeeds prepared for confectionerySeeds prepared for confectioneryIndia Museum
54556CUCURBITACEAE Seeds of cucumberSeeds of cucumber
55020NONE Bertholletia excelsaBrazil NutsBrazil NutsCadbury Bros
55643MYRTACEAE Syzygium spCloves coated with sugarCloves coated with sugar
62624 RHAMNACEAE Zizyphus sativaSugar Coated JujubesChinaSugar Coated JujubesSargent Prof CS

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