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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
37637NONE Lycoperdon giganteaThe Giant Puff BallUnited KingdomThe Giant Puff BallFogarty Matthew
41322 POACEAE Three opium pipes made from bamboo ?Three opium pipes made from bamboo ?
47921SOLANACEAE Atropa belladonnaBelladonna CigarsBelladonna CigarsMenier & Co
48237SOLANACEAE Nicotiana spCigarsCigarsMoloney Governor
48272POACEAE Cigar Case of Kayon ChiefMalaysiaCigar Case of Kayon ChiefIndia Museum
48317 BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusCigar case from strips of pineapplePhilippinesCigar case from strips of pineappleHenshall J
48338PALMAE Cigar Box of spathe of PalmCubaCigar Box of spathe of PalmThomson W
48401 MORACEAE Morus spTobacco Pouch made of Morus & AcerJapanTobacco Pouch made of Morus & AcerJackson John R
56915HAMAMELIDACEAE Liquidambar orientalisBarkBarkPereira Dr
63283BURSERACEAE Commiphora africanaResinNigeriaResinVogel Dr

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