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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
23574LAURACEAE Lindera sericeaWoodJapanWoodVeitch JH
23575LAURACEAE Lindera sericeaWoodJapanWoodVeitch JH
23576LAURACEAE Lindera sericeaWoodJapanWoodVeitch JH
28593TAXODIACEAE Cryptomeria japonicaJapanese ToothpicksJapanJapanese Toothpicks
41155BERBERIDACEAE Berberis thunbergiiToothpicks of woodJapanToothpicks of woodBullock TL
41395SALICACEAE Salix spWood used in toothpick manufacturePortugalWood used in toothpick manufactureHenriques J
41399SALICACEAE Salix spToothpicks (Plain and decorated)PortugalToothpicks (Plain and decorated)Henriques J
41410SALICACEAE Salix purpureaTooth picksPortugalTooth picksJohnson
43039MORACEAE Ficus benghalensisAerial RootsIndiaAerial RootsIndia Museum
45833AMARANTHACEAE Achyranthes asperaPortion of a branchSaudi ArabiaPortion of a branchLunt W

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