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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
2629STERCULIACEAE Mansonia gageiWoodThailandWoodVanpruk Phra
15318THYMELAEACEAE Aquilaria malaccensisWoodVietnamWoodBretschneider Dr
25303SANTALACEAE Santalum albumWoodIndiaWood
25657MAGNOLIACEAE Michelia champacaWoodPakistanWoodHoward WW Bros & Co
28794CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus virginianaCedar wood chipsCedar wood chipsPiesse & Lubin, 2 New Bond Street
28817CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus virginianaWood chipsWood chips
29511 MARANTACEAE Marantochloa spDisintegrated leavesSolomon IslandsDisintegrated leavesWoodford CM
29512 MARANTACEAE Marantochloa spLeavesSolomon IslandsLeavesWoodford CM
29771IRIDACEAE Iris florentinaPowdered Orris RootItalyPowdered Orris RootCarmichael Vice-Consul
29825IRIDACEAE Iris florentinaDyed Orris rootItalyDyed Orris rootCarmichael Vice Consul

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