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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
4896CELASTRACEAE Siphonodon australisWoodAustraliaWoodG Sandwith, Commercial Bank, Sydney
13906VERBENACEAE Premna integrifoliaWoodBurmaWoodHowes FN
29405ZINGIBERACEAE Curcuma purpurascensStarch from rootsMalaysiaStarch from rootsMottey J
30382NONE Ustilago esculentaOn Zizania aquaticaOn Zizania aquatica
32132POACEAE Oryza Cosmetic preparation from RiceIndonesiaCosmetic preparation from RiceHenshall J
33431POACEAE Vetiveria zizanioidesCosmetic made from rootsCosmetic made from rootsHenshall J
42657JUGLANDACEAE Juglans regiaBark of WalnutBark of WalnutStocks JE
43802BUXACEAE Simmondsia chinensisLipstick enriched with JojobaLipstick enriched with JojobaPonsonby L RBG Kew
44623 EUPHORBIACEAE Spirostachys africanaAfrican Green Sandal WoodAfrican Green Sandal WoodHeathcote J
45252LAURACEAE Machilus spWood shavingsChinaWood shavingsGoblet HF

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