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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
7818LEGUMINOSAE-MIMOSOIDEAE Acacia spWoodAustraliaWoodClement Dr
18684PINACEAE Pinus cembraWoodSwitzerlandWood
21638LEGUMINOSAE-MIMOSOIDEAE Acacia spWoodAustraliaWoodClement Dr
25772LEGUMINOSAE-MIMOSOIDEAE Acacia spDuplicateAustraliaDuplicateClement Dr
27104GNETACEAE Gnetum gnemonCakes made from seedsIndonesiaCakes made from seedsKoloniaal Museum, Haarlem
27899PINACEAE Pinus cembroidesSeedSeedProf CS Sargent
27910PINACEAE Pinus cembroidesConesMexicoCones
27976PINACEAE Pinus gerardianaSeedsIndiaSeedsIndia Museum
28944GINKGOACEAE Ginkgo bilobaSeedJapanSeedJapan-Brit. Exhib. 1910
29651 STRELITZIACEAE Strelitzia albaSeedsSouth AfricaSeedsHowes FN

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