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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
28960CYCADACEAE Cycas circinalisYoung leavesSri LankaYoung leavesPonsonby LM
29246 ORCHIDACEAE Gastrodia orobanchoidesEdible RootsIndiaEdible RootsHooker Sir JD
29390ZINGIBERACEAE Curcuma angustifoliaRhizomesIndiaRhizomesParis Exhib. 1900
41891SOLANACEAE Solanum spFreeze dried potatoesBoliviaFreeze dried potatoesRenvoize SA
48531SOLANACEAE Solanum spFruitsSri LankaFruitsPonsonby LM
51321COMPOSITAE Arctium majusFruitsJapanFruitsChristy T
51323 COMPOSITAE Arctium majusRootRootCustoms Laboratory
51408COMPOSITAE Bidens pilosaLeaves & stemsNigeriaLeaves & stemsDawodu JB Herb Kew
51588COMPOSITAE Helianthus tuberosusTubersTubersWoburn Experimental Farm
51773COMPOSITAE Madagascar

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