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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
2522BOMBACACEAE Ochroma pyramidaleWoodWoodHowes Dr FN
29830AGAVACEAE Agave americanaPincushions from flowering stalkFrancePincushions from flowering stalkDucie Earl
33724MORACEAE Ficus religiosaChristmas and New Year CardsIndiaChristmas and New Year CardsBirdwood Sir G
39951ACERACEAE Acer spMilitary Five-piece cap blockUnited KingdomMilitary Five-piece cap blockRossiter H
40118FAMILY UNKNOWN Four finished spools (Two black)Four finished spools (Two black)
42386BETULACEAE Betula papyriferaBooks made of BarkUnited StatesBooks made of BarkRusby Dr HH
42478BETULACEAE Betula papyriferaModel of Indian Hut from barkCanadaModel of Indian Hut from barkSaunders Prof
48382SOLANACEAE Various Tobacco PouchesVarious Tobacco Pouches
48399SOLANACEAE Tobacco PouchesTobacco Pouches
48401 MORACEAE Morus spTobacco Pouch made of Morus & AcerJapanTobacco Pouch made of Morus & AcerJackson John R

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