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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
30142 NONE Chondrus crispusIreland
30982 POACEAE Elymus scabrusNew ZealandRichardson Dr
31732 POACEAE Bromus catharticusInflorescenceInflorescenceSutton & Sons
31735POACEAE Festuca ovinaInflorescenceInflorescenceSutton & Sons, Reading
31736 POACEAE Festuca filiformisInflorescenceInflorescenceSutton & Sons, Reading
31738 POACEAE Festuca trachyphyllaInflorescenceInflorescenceSutton & Sons, Reading
31748POACEAE Cynodon dactylonStolons of GramignaStolons of GramignaMaw GeorgeMaw George
31827 POACEAE Chloris gayanaEntire plantZimbabweEntire plantDir of Agric
31830POACEAE Cymbopogon commutatusSenegalO'Byrne HM
31844POACEAE Cynosurus cristatusInflorescenceInflorescenceSutton Messrs & Son, Reading

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