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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
9962MYRTACEAE Melaleuca squarrosaWoodAustraliaWood
30288NONE Piptoporus portentosusAustraliaParis Exhibition
30523NONE Fomes fomentariusTinderTinder
35178PALMAE Calamus spTinder from interior leaf basesTinder from interior leaf basesParish Rev CSP
35582PALMAE Elaeis guineensisTinder from the SpadixNigerTinder from the SpadixDr Baikie's Niger Expedition 1859
36103PALMAE Plectocomia spTinder made from the epidermisTinder made from the epidermisTreutler Dr
42771MORACEAE Artocarpus communisSliced male flowersSliced male flowers
51345COMPOSITAE Artemisia herba-albaExcrescences used as tinderSpainExcrescences used as tinderMunby Giles
51493COMPOSITAE Echinops cornigerusStem & leaf portionsIndiaStem & leaf portionsAitchison Dr
51538COMPOSITAE Gazania spPlantSouth AfricaPlantBaines T

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