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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
31835 POACEAE Cymbopogon jwarancusaHanbury D, F.R.S.
31839 POACEAE Cymbopogon martiniiEntire plantIndiaEntire plantPharm Soc
34913 PALMAE Acrocomia aculeataSeedsSeedsSamuelson J & Sons
35153 PALMAE Brahea serrulataFruitUnited StatesFruitPharm Soc GB
35555PALMAE Elaeis guineensisFruits of Oil PalmSierra LeoneFruits of Oil PalmComm of Lands and ForestsMartin S
35556PALMAE Elaeis guineensisFruits of Henoi Oil PalmSierra LeoneFruits of Henoi Oil PalmComm of Land ForestsMartin S
35711 RHAMNACEAE Ziziphus spina-christiFruits and seedsEthiopiaFruits and seedsTWIN Ltd (Development Through Trade)
40845RANUNCULACEAE Delphinium staphisagriaOil from seedsOil from seedsBurgoyne, Burbidge & Co
42030RANUNCULACEAE Nigella sativaSeedIndiaSeedPharm Soc GB
42382BETULACEAE Betula albaBirch Bark OilBirch Bark OilGreenish T

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