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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
1412THEACEAE Visnea mocaneraSpainWoodBourgeau
3441RUTACEAE Ruta pinnataSpainWood
4685AQUIFOLIACEAE Ilex platyphyllaSpainWoodBourgeau M
4719CELASTRACEAE Catha cassinoidesSpainWoodBourgeau M
4723CELASTRACEAE Catha cassinioidesSpainWoodBourgeau M
5863ANACARDIACEAE Pistacia atlanticaSpainWoodBourgeau M
6071LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Adenocarpus anagyrusSpainWoodWebb PB
6219LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Cytisus fragransSpainWoodBourgeau M
6221LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Cytisus proliferusSpainWoodBourgeau M
6222LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Cytisus proliferusSpainWoodBourgeau M

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