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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
5928ANACARDIACEAE Rhus pentaphyllaMoroccoWoodBritish Consulate Casablanca
19165CUPRESSACEAE Cupressus sempervirensMoroccoWoodDrummond Hay Sir J
19293CUPRESSACEAE Tetraclinis articulataMoroccoWoodDrummond Hay Sir J
21126ANACARDIACEAE Rhus pentaphyllaMoroccoWoodHarvey A
27521PINACEAE Cedrus atlanticaMoroccoFruitDrummond Sir J
28783CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus phoeniceaMoroccoResinHay Sir JD
28795CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus phoeniceaMoroccoFruitDrummond Hay Sir JW
28831CUPRESSACEAE Tetraclinis articulataMoroccoGallsChantre C
28833CUPRESSACEAE Tetraclinis articulataMoroccoFruitWhite HP
28834CUPRESSACEAE Tetraclinis articulataMoroccoTar obtained by burning rootsHooker Sir JD

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