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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
837FLACOURTIACEAE Xylosma spParaguayWoodChristie WD
2578STERCULIACEAE Guazuma ulmifoliaParaguayWoodChristie WD
3980MELIACEAE Cedrela fissilisParaguayWoodPaddison G
7999LEGUMINOSAE-MIMOSOIDEAE Enterolobium timbouvaParaguayWoodWhytehead WK
16276ULMACEAE Celtis aculeataParaguayWoodChristie WD
29664CANNACEAE Canna indicaParaguayFruitsHolmes EM
29695BROMELIACEAE Bromelia balansaeParaguayFibre of CaraguataParis & Universal Exhibition
29715BROMELIACEAE Bromelia magdalenaeParaguayString
29716BROMELIACEAE Bromelia serraParaguayFibreParis Universal Exhib
29718BROMELIACEAE Bromelia serraParaguayFibre bag

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