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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
266ANNONACEAE Bocageopsis multifloraGuyanaWoodImperial For Inst
285ANNONACEAE Duguetia calycinaGuyanaWoodImperial For Inst
297ANNONACEAE Duguetia quitarensisGuyanaWoodBoughton
323ANNONACEAE Guatteria atraGuyanaWoodImperial Forestry Institute
418ANNONACEAE Xylopia pulcherrimaGuyanaWoodIFI
465MENISPERMACEAE Anomospermum spGuyanaWoodImperial Institute
469MENISPERMACEAE Abuta rufescensGuyanaWoodExposition des colonies francaises Paris
472MENISPERMACEAE Abuta spGuyanaWoodHanbury D
620COCHLOSPERMACEAE Cochlospermum parkeriGuyanaWoodForest Department British Guiana
834FLACOURTIACEAE Whittonia guianensisGuyanaWoodHerb. KewWhitton BA

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