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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
99591SALICACEAE Salix sp.USSRChinese knot basket of white willowThe Basketmakers' AssociationLaivina, Edite
99592PINACEAE Pinus spUSSRPine root basketThe Basketmakers' AssociationLaivina, Edite
99593PINACEAE Pinus spUSSRCoiled basket with lidThe Basketmakers' AssociationLaivina, Edite ?
99594SALICACEAE Salix sp.USSR2 miniature willow frame basketsThe Basketmakers' AssociationLaivina, Edite
99595SALICACEAE Salix sp.USSR3 hair or brooch pinsThe Basketmakers' AssociationLapins, Andris
99596SALICACEAE Salix sp.USSR1 bracelet and pair of earringsThe Basketmakers' AssociationLapins, Andris
99597SALICACEAE Salix sp.USSRWillow sewing basket with lidThe Basketmakers' AssociationLapins, Andris
99598SALICACEAE Salix sp.USSRSmall basket with lidThe Basketmakers' AssociationLapins, Andris
99599SALICACEAE Salix sp.USSROval shopping basketThe Basketmakers' Association

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