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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
933NONE Vochysia hondurensisBelizeWoodForest Products Research LaboratoryPierpont FH
934NONE Vochysia hondurensisBelizeWoodHummel C
1026GUTTIFERAE Calophyllum brasilienseBelizeWoodFor. Dept. Br. Honduras
1029GUTTIFERAE Calophyllum brasilienseBelizeWoodDepartment of Scientific & Industrial
1103GUTTIFERAE Calophyllum spBelizeWoodHummel C
1104GUTTIFERAE Calophyllum spBelizeWoodHummel C
1105GUTTIFERAE Calophyllum spBelizeWoodImperial Institute
1119GUTTIFERAE Calophyllum spBelizeWoodImperial Institute
1312GUTTIFERAE Symphonia globuliferaBelizeWoodForest Products Research Board
1380THEACEAE Laplacea haematoxylonBelizeWoodFor. Dept. Br. Honduras

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