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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
5569SAPINDACEAE Acer saccharinumRomaniaWoodPierpont FH
60946LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Phaseolus vulgarisRomaniaBeansCrosse & Blackwell
61022LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Phaseolus vulgarisRomaniaBeansCordua Carl
61027LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Phaseolus vulgarisRomaniaBeansCordua Carl
61033LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Phaseolus vulgarisRomaniaBeansCordua Carl
61041LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Phaseolus spRomaniaBeansCordua Carl
61056LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Phaseolus spRomaniaBeansCordua Carl
61502LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Vigna unguiculataRomaniaSeedsCope Stuart
67250CRUCIFERAE Brassica junceaRomaniaSeedsBibby J & Co
67361CRUCIFERAE Sinapis albaRomaniaDanubian seedBibby J & Co

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