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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
24644CUPRESSACEAE Thuja occidentalisUnited StatesWoodHess RW
27323PINACEAE Abies balsameaUnited StatesCones and FoliageHooker Sir JDSargent CS
27607PINACEAE Larix laricinaUnited StatesCones and branchesHooker Sir JD
27728PINACEAE Picea marianaUnited StatesBranches with conesHooker Sir JD
27764PINACEAE Picea rubensUnited StatesConesJack JG
28344PINACEAE Pinus resinosaUnited StatesConesHooker Sir JD
28354PINACEAE Pinus rigidaUnited StatesCones and foliageSargent CS
99899SALICACEAE Salix sp.United StatesShaker basket - picnic hamperSlocock, MartinSlocock, Martin
99904OLEACEAE Fraxinus spUnited StatesIndian Yarn BasketSlocock, MartinSlocock, Martin
99907OLEACEAE Fraxinus spUnited States'Double turban' egg basketSlocock, MartinSlocock, Martin

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