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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
42724PLATANACEAE Platanus orientalisGreeceFruits on StemsSandwith TB
42725PLATANACEAE Platanus orientalisGreeceFruits on StemSandwith TB
43060MORACEAE GreeceMale Fig Wasps collected from wild figsStubbs Jane, RBG Kew
46086LABIATAE Micromeria julianaGreeceHerb TeaStubbs Mrs J, RBG Kew
46127LABIATAE Origanum dictamnusGreeceHerb teaStubbs Mrs J, RBG Kew
46139LABIATAE Origanum dictamnusGreeceLeaves and stems
46195LABIATAE Salvia pomiferaGreeceHerb TeaStubbs Mrs J, RBG Kew
46213LABIATAE Sideritis syriacaGreecePortions of plantConingham Mrs
46226LABIATAE Sideritis syriacaGreeceHerb TeaStubbs Mrs J, RBG Kew
47673LABIATAE Origanum dictamnusGreeceDittany of CretePharm Soc GB

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