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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
28516PINACEAE Pseudolarix amabilisItalyCones
56114HAMAMELIDACEAE Liquidambar orientalisItalyBlock & tubes of storaxPharm Soc GB
56115HAMAMELIDACEAE Liquidambar orientalisItalyGround cortex thymiamatisPharm Soc GB
76865LABIATAE Origanum onitesItalyOriganum onites oilPharm Soc GB
76866LABIATAE Origanum hirtumItalyOriganum hirtum oilPharm Soc GB
79878CORNACEAE Cornus sanguineaItalyWalking stick (carved horse handle)Prendergast HPrendergast, H
90186POACEAE Triticum ItalyCharred wheat grainsEvers AKent N
91846RANUNCULACEAE Clematis spItalyOval platterBichard M
91851SALICACEAE Salix sp.ItalyArm basketBichard M
91861CYPERACEAE ItalyPigeon nestBichard M

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