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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
28415PINACEAE FinlandBread from Pine Bark and MossCrowe H Woodfall
28431PINACEAE FinlandBread made from pine bark and mossCrowe H Woodfall
30253NONE Piptoporus betulinusFinlandRazor StropNordenskiold Dr
30263NONE Piptoporus betulinusFinlandConsul Crowe
41383SALICACEAE Salix spFinlandOak butter dish bound with willowClive-Bayley Miss AM
42407BETULACEAE Betula spFinlandBugle made from Birch barkClive-Bayley Miss AM
42413BETULACEAE Betula albaFinlandBoxes of BirchClive-Bayley Miss AM
42415BETULACEAE Betula albaFinlandButter bowlClive-Bayley Miss AM
42419BETULACEAE Betula albaFinlandOrnamental boxClive-Bayley Miss AM
42420BETULACEAE Betula albaFinlandSpoonClive-Bayley Miss AM

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