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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
12068SAPOTACEAE Mimusops parvifoliaAustraliaWoodHMS Rattlesnake
12069SAPOTACEAE Mimusops parvifoliaAustraliaWoodHMS Rattlesnake
25100CYCADACEAE Cycas mediaAustraliaWoodHMS Rattlesnake
27182ARAUCARIACEAE Agathis australisAustraliaconeBick EW
27301ARAUCARIACEAE Araucaria bidwilliiAustraliaConeBick EW
28967CYCADACEAE Cycas cairnsianaAustraliaFruitsMueller Baron von F
43832EUPHORBIACEAE Antidesma spAustraliaFruitsMueller Baron F von
45018PROTEACEAE Macadamia spAustralia'Coohoy' FruitsCritchell JT
48359SOLANACEAE Nicotiana spAustraliaTobacco charmProf AC Haddon, Royal College of Science, Dublin
53651RUBIACEAE Gardenia spAustraliaFruitsCape York Peninsula Exped. 1873

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